Happy Birthday, Wanda June

by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.      Director. Jeff Wise     Sets. Brittany Vasta      Lights. Drew Florida      Sound. Mark Van Hare

Wheelhouse Theatre Company                                                                                      photographs by Jeremy Daniel

"Scenic designer Brittany Vasta and costume designer Christopher Metzger clearly fed off of each other in interpreting this world. I never realized how many different greens there are—from the jungle-leaf wallpaper to the pale green carpet to the stripes on O'Connell's shirt and the color of MacCluggage's dress. And while these choices show the time period, they also embody this out-of-the-ordinary universe. Everything is strange, yet balanced." - Shoshana Roberts, Theatre is Easy

"Christopher Metzger’s bold costume design perfectly evokes the look of circa 1970 with its loopy fashion sense abundant with animal prints, leather and brown, all adding to the visual splendor." - Darryl Reilly, Theatre Scene